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Backstage pass

We give the power of audience access back to artists and labels.

Turn your website into your own social platform where fans can post directly and drive their followers back to your site.

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    • Your fans’ social followers are your target audience.
    • When followers click posts on social they will land on your website.
    • Once on your site they can participate by adding themselves to your channel.
    • Data from everyone who has posted to your site is yours.
Back stage pass


  • Multiple points of sponsorship placement enable you to capture sponsorship revenue directly.
  • Direct access to fans gives you the power to derive revenue from merchandise, ticket sales and more.
  • When fans subscribe to your video feed you receive a portion of the ongoing subscription fees.
Backstage pass


  • Engaging for fans on both web and mobile
  • Survey style data capture enables you to know your fans like never before
  • Instant backend reporting of all collected fan data
Curate data


Here is an example of a live social channel from the Lee Brice tour

How it Works

Backstage Pass provides a range of configurable features that enable you to connect and engage with your fans and their followers like never before.

Concert Attendees Sign-up

Step 1

Concert Attendees Sign-up

At the event, fans are provided a web link that will provide instant access to video of the entire show as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

Concert Attendees Post

Step 2

Concert Attendees Post

At the event, fans are invited to share their love for the music by posting selfies to the event website.

Event goes Viral

Step 3

Your website goes Viral

As the audience posts selfies and shares to social media, your website goes VIRAL


Ready to leverage your audience?  We'll show you how!

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